I’m Going To Be a Life Coach!?

Alli Knoth, future life coach? Yes, actually! This week is the kick off to my Beautiful You Coaching Academy program. And, in a word, I’m SCARED! Excited, wary, nervous, but ready!

Working with a life coach back in 2014 is single handedly the best thing I’ve ever done for my personal development. I started it just like I start most things, feeling completely clueless! At the time I had no idea what I was saying ‘yes’ to when my casual friend and co worker, Latoya, suggested we work together. I just agreed, I wasn’t physically able to refuse and it was a life altering moment. Do you have a moment like that you can look back upon? Something you just couldn’t say no to because your body said YES for you?!

I have no idea what I’d be doing right now had I not gone through that kaleidoscope of a learning experience. I’ve had many lulls and low points in my life, I was fully in a rut when this opportunity presented itself. In the past I allowed negative moments to take over my life and rule my thoughts and control my voice to the world. I knew it wasn’t right but I wasn’t strong enough to rule over the negativity. Before life coaching I was a completely different person, the person who writes this blog and helps others every day was molded by a life coaching relationship.

During my coaching months I received a promotion at work to later quit that job and focus more on what I truly enjoyed, personal training. I ‘killed’ my saboteur and learned how to make my own decisions instead of listening to any ugly voice in my head tell me that I wasn’t worthy of love, friendship and respect. I stopped participating in events that I thought would impress others, I accepted the fact that those events were no longer serving me and I was fruitlessly continuing them for status alone. I believed that I could be creative again, which led to me starting this blog just a few months later.

Back at my lowest point I would have NEVER dreamed of having a happiness website where those in need could come to read, smile and receive practical advice on finding physical and mental wellness. Change is possible. Change is needed. Change is giddy!

This is the scariest thing I’ve ever signed up for. I will still be frightened for a few weeks, but I’ll be on the path to becoming what I’ve been wanting to be…someone who can help and assist others in positive change through voice alone. Thank you for supporting me and reading my blog during this challenging time!

Have you ever signed up for something that scared the #*&%^$*&# out of you?

Speaking of being scared, I also wanted to share some photos I sat for last week. I am not that comfortable with having my picture taken! But Jonathon Ivy made me feel pretty fantastic, as you can see from these fun shots taken at Bramble and Bee in Old Town Tomball. Some things that seem impossible at first can turn out pretty fabulous!


jip-bmp-sept2016-35 jip-bmp-sept2016-37




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