7 Ways Stay Fit During The Holidays

Giddy guys and gals – I have a bombshell for you. Just because it’s the busiest season of the year doesn’t mean your fitness routine has to slide! Oh yes, it’s true. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard ‘I’m not working out this month (December) I’ll just wait until the New Year’. Um….excuse me? The New Year waits for no one!

Ceasing an exercise routine is called ‘detraining’ and can wreck havoc on the hard work you’ve put in already this year. Do you know how much strength capacity and cardiovascular endurance you can lose in 30 days? A lot…let me tell you.

If you were to suspend a regular strength training program for 30 days you could lose anywhere from 20-30% of your overall strength capacity.

And your cardiovascular training? Ooh…this one is even harder to swallow.

After building up cardiovascular endurance just 30 days of detraining can lead to losing up to HALF of your cardiovascular capacity.*

So, as you can see, taking a month off is a huge misstep. Good thing for you I’ve got exactly what you need to stay active this month – inspiration!

7 Ways to Stay Fit During The Holidays 

1. Make A Personal Commitment
This may seem like a no brainer but if you set a goal to complete 3 thirty minute workouts a week during December I have no doubt you can actually do it. Ninety minutes of your life? Doable. And you’ll stay in shape through the new year!

2. Turn Holiday Activities Up a Notch
A fitness notch that is. Those silly shirts that say ‘Shopping is my cardio’ are never really true but you can make holiday shopping more active! When shopping have a plan (no browsing), wear training shoes, and bring 2 big oversized reusable bags so you can equally load your left/right sides. Remember to keep your core tight while bending and reaching and ALWAYS take the stairs. The escalator/elevators are for punks!

3. Take Over the Outdoor Chores
Whether it’s raking leaves or plowing snow get your mind right to burn those extra calories! Because you know you want that glass of eggnog or that slice of fill-in-the-blank holiday dessert. These weekly outdoor chores will get you moving for sure.

4. Revamp Unhealthy Christmas Activities
Cookie decorating (did someone say sugar overload), lounging like there is no tomorrow and buffet style meals (AKA overeating) are examples of how Santa stays so plump! Can you take at least one of your holiday activities and turn it into a healthy family outing? Instead of decorating cookies put together a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood and everyone can lace up and race to the next clue! Or take your bikes to a neighborhood with awesome light displays and ride around to bask in the glow of the holiday spirit.

5. Take Advantage of Holiday Specials at Studios/Gyms
I have a secret for you – getting a discount at a gym or studio is much easier this month than in January! Every owner KNOWS people want to workout in the new year so get a jump on the crowd! Go to any place you’ve been wanting to try out and see if you can do a free class or if there are any membership discounts.

PS-I have FREE CLASS cards for both Yoga Pod The Woodlands and Orange Theory Fitness The Woodlands! Why? Because I teach at those locations silly goose! PS-Come take my class!

6. Plan Ahead
If you’re traveling, research gym/studios nearby your destination. Going home? Bring bands or a video that will help you stay on track. If you’re hosting family, stick to your guns about your fitness routine and your guests may likely join you or simply be impressed that you’re keeping it tight this holiday season! You have the opportunity to set an example every single day.

7. Place a Weight Maintenance Bet
The average person gains 3-5 pounds from Thanksgiving through New Years. That’s a lot of damage to undo on January 1st. So let’s not overshoot this and say you will lose weight (maybe you don’t even need to lose fat) but how about placing a weight maintenance bet with friends or family? Commit yourself to eating well most of the time and staying active will help you stay on the straight and narrow. Oh, and also knowing you have to weigh in before/after will motivate you too!

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How am I personally staying fit during this holiday season? To be honest pregnancy hasn’t changed my workouts at all, YET at least! I complete 3-4 strength training sessions, 3 cardio sessions and do yoga once a week. Tennis is always a good idea in the fall in Texas (read: decent weather) too!

Okay, you’ve got the inspiration so go and plan your healthy holiday outings, rethink the buffet service and most importantly STAY ACTIVE!

*The detraining percentages depend on the age, fitness level and vary due to the initial cardio/strength capacity of the individual.


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