New E-Book Announcement! ‘Love Your Body: Learn to Respect, Move & Fuel Your Body’ is now available!

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Are you tired of trying routine after routine to not feel and see change in your confidence or body? You deserve to discover what will truly inspire you to love your body. Hint: it’s not the same for everyone!

‘Love Your Body’ E-Book participants look within and discover the motivation behind transformation rather than just focusing on the physical aspect. When you know your ‘why’ your goals become bigger and far more likely to achieve. Mental, physical and nutrition guidelines will help you make positive change in your life.

The book focuses on a well balanced approach to incremental change and a ‘love my body’ transformation with Introspection, Movement & Fuel guideposts.

‘Love Your Body’ E-Book Features:

  • Journal prompts to help you pinpoint your desire for positive change
  • Specific goal setting guidelines to set you up for success
  • Exercise routines to challenge and sculpt your body
  • Nutrition guidelines to transform your energy and physique
  • Love Your Body recipes that taste amazing

Are YOU ready to transform?

Buy ‘Love Your Body’ for $24

‘Fall Eat Clean Guide’ E-Book $24

Adapting a clean eating lifestyle is a sustainable nutrition option that will allow your body to function at the highest level, stave off heart disease, increase your energy and help you lose fat. The ‘Fall Eat Clean Guide’ outlines the principles of this lifestyle (not diet!) to help you make long term changes to your routine. Plus there are oodles of autumnal recipes that will make your mouth water!

‘Fall Eat Clean Guide’ Features:

  • Over 40 pages of life and confidence changing clean eating content
  • Easy to digest macronutrient guidelines
  • Metabolism boosting eating schedule
  • Food journal
  • Goal setting inspiration that actually WORKS!
  • Sample menus
  • Fall inspired breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner recipes

‘Fall Fitness Fix’ E-Book $24

Everyone wants to get in shape but the gym can be intimidating, going to a class may not work for you schedule or you may just have no clue where to start! The ‘Fall Fitness Fix’ takes care of all of that by offering a booty kicking 30 day transformational workout that can be completed at home with minimal equipment. Build a strength foundation, learn how to blast calories and increase your flexibility before Christmas!

‘Fall Fitness Fix’ Features:

  • Over 40 pages of physique and confidence changing fitness content
  • Strength, fat loss and flexibility break downs
  • Exercise encyclopedia with PICTURES!
  • Goal setting inspiration that actually WORKS!
  • Step by step workout instruction (fool proof!)

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