E-Book & BABY Announcement!

Did I bury the lead in the title of the blogpost or what?! Yes, Mr. Giddy and I are expecting. We are over the moon to welcome our giddy baby into the world in Spring 2018. Even though I am with child my schedule is still full of all things empowering. Personal training, teaching yoga and fitness classes (included my newest gig as an Orange Theory coach), life coaching and public speaking has been on repeat all fall.

I was very lucky to have zero morning sickness, but more sleep was so needed! My double e-book project was slated to be finished in early October but the giddy baby made sure that I got plenty of rest. I was going to sleep earlier than ever (let’s face it it was probably a good thing) so my e-book work time was supremely limited. But I listened to my body and gave myself grace.

At this moment I’m more happy than ever to share the first ever Guaranteed Giddy E Books with the world, meaning you can transform from the comfort of your own home at your own pace.

For years I have wanted to offer an option for women who crave transformation but don’t have the time or money for one on one coaching. This is the solution and I’m so glad these labors of love are complete. I plan to release seasonal e-books going forward to help you tackle transformation one season at a time.

The ‘Fall Eat Clean Guide’ and ‘Fall Fitness Fix’ are now available for purchase. 

Special thanks go out to Bridget Guisinger and Mr. Giddy who took all of the exercise photos (so important to get those in before I started showing too much!), Eurri Kim for the beautiful cover photography, Yoga Pod The Woodlands for the studio space and Amber Oliver for her much appreciated IT expertise. And of course an even grander thanks to Mr. Giddy for keeping me well fed and supporting me whole heartedly during this busy, exciting time.

Learn more and/or purchase the first ever Guaranteed Giddy e-books!

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Portrait photography by Katy Cox Photo

E Book cover photography by Eurri Kim Photography

2 thoughts on “E-Book & BABY Announcement!

  1. Congratulations, Alli & Mr. Giddy! Giddy baby will be lucky to have you as a mom!
    Also, as one of your yoga students, I’m super intrigued about this Orange Theory gig. I’ll have to check it out. 🙂

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