What a Difference a Year Makes: Turning 31

When I turned 30 last year I was still swimming around, wondering what to really do with myself. Once a late bloomer, always a late bloomer! Today I’m 31 and I’ve never felt more sure of myself.

I’ve found my calling.

Yes! Really!

I’m meant to help young women come out of their shell, to help them build confidence and show the world their true, amazing selves. I’m here to build people up, not tear them down.

I didn’t always know this about myself. But after a HUGE year of personal development I know that it’s true. I completed the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy, the 200 hour Seva Yoga Teacher Training and the Precision Nutrition Level 1 Course.

Along with all of my studying I turned Guaranteed Giddy into a bonafide business and have been officially life coaching, personal training and nutrition counseling since March. Working with a business/life coach helped me look at GG with more of a business mindset, I’m so thankful for Ainslie! This is everything I’ve always wanted. But I didn’t always think it was possible-to do what I actually wanted to do.

I limited myself, filled my head with negative self talk and held back from following my dreams. I hated that feeling. And I don’t want to see anyone stuck in that dark place. This is why I became a Confidence & Life Coach.

I’m giving away one life coaching series in honor of GG’s second anniversary on August 31st – stay tuned on how to enter the giveaway! I can’t wait to help another young woman live with purpose and passion.

So, yes, I’m another year older. And this birthday isn’t a big, awesome one to celebrate (even though I will – leo status) I’m just happy to be alive and doing what I am intended to do. To be in service to others in a most creative and impactful way.

Thank God for sticking with me this year. He has tested me and supported me. Mr. Giddy has been even more amazing than I can remember and my friends and family have been in and out to give support. I’m finding that some people will stick with me no matter what and others just ain’t into that giddy life. And that’s okay.

I even hosted my first workshop, something I’ve wanted to do for years. But not until now did I have the drive, educational content and confidence to make it a reality. I’m stronger than ever, I mean look at this side crow!

Mentally and physically strong. My hard work is paying off in more ways than one…I have some big announcements coming up that I wish I could share right now actually!!! But, patience is a virtue. I know I will continue to grow because I will always invest in myself. I implore you to do the same.

May you be giddy.

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