Create a Positive Surrounding

In this case, to create a positive surrounding I’m speaking specifically about what you listen, watch and absorb. Hi giddy friends! We’re in the thick of a truly lovely holiday season, there have been many a party to attend and so many people to send Christmas cards to! Seriously, my hand is cramping as I’ve been writing best wishes on my darling holiday postcards all week. But one thing I haven’t been writing are blogs. Whoops…!

Never fear, I’m back in action and feeling very warm and fuzzy! I’m writing on this very Saturday morning. And I’m not exactly warm, but a little fuzzy. My office if quite the icebox and I’m literally wearing some fuzzy socks! Now that I’ve painted the picture for you, shall we continue? I believe the answer is yes.

My surroundings. Your surroundings. OUR surroundings! I believe that a lot of people get those giddy feelings this time of year because the holiday season brings a wholesomeness to our lives. The focus is often on children and we see their naiveté and the wonder in which they view the world. Don’t get me wrong, some people can find a way to be jaded. Just like Clark Griswold, we all have our breaking point. But I think we all sit back and watch mostly innocent Christmas movies and focus on others with gift buying and dinner planning. This is supposedly the happiest time of the year. Do you buy it?

I do!

We’re giddy because of all the good we unwittingly surround ourselves with. I’ve been wrestling with this fact since starting my life coaching certification course. I’ve had so much wonderful material to listen to and absorb. I had to give up most of my favorite comedy podcasts (tear) to make time for the course material, which has been magnificent. I want to be a successful coach, and I know surrounding myself with the right teachings and outlets for learning is paramount. Since it’s been a few months now I’m beginning to see the changes.

I was a comedy junkie, y’all! I was enamored with tales of 80’s comedy clubs and listening to professional improvers come up with hilarious bits on the spot. Of course, I was wishing it was me in the mix but that is not my path. I can still enjoy it as needed but I know I want to surround myself with like minded voices. Therapists and coaches who want to help others create a positive outlook on life. Those talented individuals who expediate transformation in everyone they know who are willing to work with them!

Do you have a radio program or TV show in your life that is like an obsession for all the wrong reasons? There is a popular morning show here in Houston with one segment in particular that I hear people talk about all the time. But after one listen I derived that it was completely based on lies and rather desperate. I still don’t know why people listen. Is this kind of fake ‘gotcha!’ entertainment (which in this case is based on adultery by the way) positive in any way? It surely isn’t educational. Maybe there is something tied to the reason why people watch reality television. As Americans do we love a train wreck?!

Well, I don’t know about y’all but I don’t want any train wrecks who don’t change or improve to play an active part in my life. Choosing quiet time over an annoying DJ, soulful music over a blaring TV or a thought provoking movie that you can actually discuss with a friend or partner afterward sounds pretty good right now! Don’t get me wrong we do need those moments of complete intellectual surrender where we don’t have to talk or think. I love the cooking challenge show Chopped for this very reason. Even though I often get creative and say what I would do in the chef’s shoes, it’s pretty mindless as far as TV watching goes.

If you switched out one pointless item with an inspiring item, what would happen? I can’t answer for you, but I think you should give it a try.


What I’ve been loving lately for these kind of healthy swaps:

Hello Freedom Podcast – my new dream is to be a guest of Terri Cole’s one day!

Tony Robbins: I’m Not Your Guru Documentary – whoa…this one will make you think!

Kris Carr’s Meditation Album – SUCH an awesome buy. It’s cheap and totally worth it.

create a positive surrounding

I’m looking to carry on my positive listening routine into the new year!


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