Commercial Break Workout

It’s fall! In Autumn we welcome many things into our lives…layers, pumpkin scented everything, and TV show premieres! I’m sure a lot of you DVR your ‘must watch’ fall programs but I’m going to put this exercise idea out there anyway. If you truly love a series you watch it live, right?! This is so true of ‘The Walking Dead’ in the house of giddy. You’re just sitting there, so why not get in a li’l work out during the commercial breaks? I have just emerged from a month free of TV so I’ve got A LOT of catching up to do.

We said goodbye to cable years ago so we solely rely on HBO Now, Netflix and Hulu. Mr. Giddy and I subscribe to the most basic option on Hulu which does include commercials, so this workout totally applies to us when we want to watch the previous night’s ‘New Girl’ or ‘iZombie’. Wow, it really sounds like I’m obsessed with zombies, I don’t know how I feel about that! #ohwell

Lay down a yoga mat or a beach towel and watch those commercial breaks fly by because you’re making the most of your down time! Did you know that a half hour program has up to eight minutes of advertisements and an hour show can have fourteen? Now you can add that time into your daily active minutes…score!

TV Commercial Workout – Rotate completing moves from each category with the change of every commercial!

Ab Toning Moves
Side Plank (right)
Side Plank (left)

Cardio Interval Exercises
Jump Squats
Jumping Jacks
Mountain Climbers
Lunge Jumps

Upper/Lower Body Toners
Sumo Squats
Tricep Dips
Glut Bridges

Commercial Break Workout

What is your ‘must see’ show this fall?



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