‘Clean Up Your Nutrition, Improve Your Life!’—Exclusive excerpt from Bear Tracks Magazine

The following article was published in the quarterly publication ‘Bear Tracks’ and I wanted to share it with you giddy guys and gals!

Clean eating is more present in society than ever – but you may still be in the dark when it comes to the details of this nutritious lifestyle. First off it is a lifestyle, not a diet. Doesn’t that make it all the more palatable? The basis of eating clean means eating whole foods, often. Pairing the right foods at timely intervals throughout the day can transform your metabolism, boost energy levels and help you lose those last ten pounds (or more)!

Clean eating shifts can be a part of your every day routine because they’re not overwhelmingly limiting. Plus this lifestyle is acceptable to continue on a long-term basis, meaning your results are here to stay.

I’ve worked in the fitness industry for over ten years. In that time I’ve seen clients make wonderful progress in the gym by losing fat and increasing flexibility and strength. But the truly life changing results come to clients who choose to eat right, specifically eat clean.

80% Nutrition + 10% Genetics + 10% Training = 100% You.

Oh yes, you read that right. Nutrition plays the biggest part in how we feel and look on a daily basis. You really are what you eat! 

When you consume higher quality foods that are full of nutrients throughout the day your metabolism is stimulated. Hello metabolism are you still there? The answer is yes! Following clean eating principles will allow your body to burn more fat throughout the day without even stepping into the gym.

When you eat well your whole body thanks you. Fueling your body with foods filled with necessary vitamins and minerals improves daily bodily functions. This preserves gut health and internal organ efficiency. Clean eaters experience weight loss, vibrant skin and increased lean muscle mass. Not only is food your friend, it is your fuel!

Think of your body as a vehicle. What are you driving? A Kia? Nah, not your style. How about a Lexus? Perhaps a Ferrari? Oh yea, maybe something sexy with a lot of power – a classic even! Would you put the lowest grade fuel in a sleek, luxury vehicle? I didn’t think so. Highly processed, junk food is more suited for Kias. Real, clean foods are made for your high quality ride!

Clean eating can look different for every individual but the food choices come from the same major three food groups. Lean protein choices (even vegetarian options), colorful complex carbohydrates and healthy, delicious fats are the cornerstones of this eating lifestyle. The best ‘diets’ that provide long-term results don’t cut out any of these major food groups. Protein, carbs and fats are always included in the food pyramid for a reason – we need them to survive!

Many ‘diets’ inadvertently have you to focus on what you can’t eat. But clean eating is all about enjoying the wonderful foods that will fuel your body to feel and look its very best.

I teach people how to view food as their friend and not their enemy. Focusing on the positive will shift your mindset. Forget hating the idea that you have to diet to fit into your favorite jeans and welcome the idea of being addicted to how amazing you feel because you are treating your body right.

Claiming freedom over food doesn’t happen overnight. It takes blood, sweat and tears. Your current nutrition habits have been formed over a lifetime so you can imagine that it takes diligence to overcome bad habits. Having an accountability partner to help keep you on track may be the answer for you to achieve success. That accountability partner could be a friend, family member or fitness professional.

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