Choosing #thegiddylife

In case you didn’t know, this is a happiness blog (!). My goal for this website is to help you achieve a single, simple goal – to welcome and recognize joy in your daily life AKA to live #thegiddylife.

In order to do that I won’t be giving fashion tips, selling you protein shakes or sharing my opinions on materialistic items because I’m being given free products. Not all of my photos will be beautiful and/or ‘instagram worthy’, even though I secretly wish they were! I don’t contour my face (is that even how you say that?!) and strut around in heels seemingly traveling from vacation to vacation. I am a REAL person who sweats and cries and just wants to live a fabulous life. I will be writing about values that form our daily attitudes and translating my personal struggles into tips on how to experience more giddy moments in your life.

I don’t know about you but when I get down to brass tacks (whatever those are) I don’t care about anything else. Doesn’t everything boil down to happiness? Giddy individuals truly enjoy vacations, appreciate excellence in their careers and support their families to their fullest ability.

How do I tackle the task of being giddy? Through mental and physical wellness, of course! I choose my attitude every hour, every day. Sure things get in the way…like grumpy people, tough situations, and deadlines. But those are just road blocks, not the entire road. My faith in God has waxed and waned over the years but I know that knowing Him is good for my soul and gives me faith in the future. I respect my physical being and take time to care for it. My vessel is a machine that must be used! Everything I think and do affects my interpretation and execution of #thegiddylife.

This is a place for REALness, do not expect any less. Guaranteed Giddy is just like life, full of mostly good stuff. Focus on that. Visit your favorite happiness blog on the reg to learn how to gauge your focus! Plus, don’t you want to see my smiling face? Thought so!

What is holding you back from happiness? Can you recognize it?

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