Choose Positivity During The Holidays – Part Two

Welcome to the second installment of the giddy holiday plan! If you haven’t Designed Your Giddy Holiday it’s not too late. But for now it’s time to address something we can all identify as a joy thief…stress. Holiday stress is its own special brand, it smells like burnt cinnamon!

The first step in overcoming seasonal stress is recognition. While everyone is a unique snowflake there are common stressors that bring us all down. Money, travel, family, weight gain, scheduling, entertaining, the closing of another year. Do any of those trigger your stress senses? Don’t worry, I’ve got your back. True change takes time, but you can begin making smarter choices and start to see a difference as the holidays progress. Choosing positive behavior will set you up for even more success in the new year. #winwin

Dealing With Holiday Stress

For anything and everything. Writing down your intentions will save you hundreds of dollars. Take advantage of Cyber Monday more than Black Friday, you can shop on your own time and won’t miss as much family/friend time. Plus, if you plan ahead, you will be far less likely to wander around the mall on Christmas Eve buying whatever you can get your hands on. If your situation is a plot of an Arnold Schwarzenegger holiday movie you know you’re in trouble. Next week’s installment will go into more detail on this topic by the way!

If you truly don’t have the budget for gifts, travel, holiday cards or to entertain let it be known. It’s better to be honest rather than going in debt and being resentful towards someone you couldn’t be up front with about the reality of your situation. Instead of buying gifts maybe do a potluck movie night. Utilize Facetime/skype if you’re not able to make the trip. Perhaps size down your holiday open house to daytime barbecue. Choose to do an email holiday card instead of paying for tangible greetings and postage. Togetherness can take many forms!

While we’re not always in charge of the atmosphere in which we spend time with our families and friends during the holidays we can be a factor in what surrounds us. Planning morning activities will likely lessen night before drinking. Choosing to do a plated meal instead of buffet will save you some weight gain guilt. Busting out old favorite board games (or maybe choose a new one!) will take the focus off of the conversation and switch to strategy. It is an election year after all. #wink

Spend your time, money and energy on what truly matters to you. On what you designed your giddy holiday around. If you don’t have time to bake homemade cookies for your kid’s class party just buy them. Can’t stand wrapping gifts? Employ a teenager who needs extra cash to do wrap them for you. If you want a night alone with your spouse beg and plead for help to make that happen. Go to yoga. Help with a charitable endeavor. Have a gabfest with friends. Savor glorious holiday leftovers. Go on a bike ride. Get your nails done (and choose glitter). Your time is your most precious asset, use it as you please as much as you possible can.


giddy holiday

Happy holidays, giddy friends! Love, Dottie and I winning first prize at the Jingle Bell Bike Ride last year. 🙂


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