Hello my fellow bloggers and creatives! Having always been an introvert/ambivert I would often shy away with joining networking groups or attending meetings with like minds. But no longer! Collaborating and meeting new friends through Guaranteed Giddy has brought me so much joy, and that giddiness is what I want to share with you.

I’ve been plugged in to the northern Houston suburbs creative and blogging community since 2015 and have met so many wonderful people thanks to conferences, meet ups and special events. And now I get to help connect others as I lead both the The Rising Tide/TuesdaysTogether North Houston and Out of the Loop Blogging Group.

TuesdaysTogether – North Houston
A local chapter of national creative organization The Rising Tide Society. There are no membership fees, every single monthly meeting is complimentary and open to all. Members are residents and business owners in the North Houston suburbs. All creatives welcome! Makers, crafters, photographers, writers, bloggers, florists, wedding industry pros, event planners, hair and makeup artists, decorators, fitness pros–if you’re a creative entrepreneur come join us!

How can you get involved? Request to join the TuesdaysTogether – North Houston private Facebook group. Weekly prompts, job opportunities and collaborations PLUS our monthly meetings are all posted there.

Just so you know our monthly meet ups always have an educational element (Creative Risk Taking, Business Planning, Rest & Restore) and we typically meet on the second Tuesday of each month. Meetings are casual and very open to discussion and sharing, we often share what is going in our business in relation to the theme.

The meetings are posted here on the GG event calendar and in the Facebook group. Depending on the month and location (which varies throughout North Houston) there are anywhere from 10-20 attendees at each meeting. Which is usually the perfect number to really get to know you fellow creatives.

Out of the Loop Blogger Group
A local group of bloggers in The Woodlands and surrounding North  Houston suburb areas. There are so many fabulous creative writers and bloggers in this area, we have a healthy group of mostly women who blog both part time and full time.

This group is ever changing as new people come in and others step away from blogging. It’s really nice just to talk about how the industry is treating everyone and sharing in our successes and no so successes. OOTL meets up casually every month or so, no specific theme is ever set, it’s more about getting together with like minds.

To join send me a personal e-mail and tell me about your blog!


I hope to see you at an upcoming meet up!