Black Friday Survival Tips

Hello ladies!  And, perhaps, some men (love ya guyzzz). THIS  Friday is Black Friday…dum dum DUMMMMMM.  I personally despise this day, it’s hard to be in public, but the people watching is also astounding so I’m kind of torn.  One thing I know about Black Friday is that it’s not for the weak at heart.  You are TOUGH if you are out shopping on this particular dooms worthy, somewhat violent, overly publicized day.

IMG_2152Black Friday…..NOOOoooooOOO>?!?!?!

For those shopping soldiers making their way into the Targets and malls of the world on Friday I have a few tips to make the most of your day, activity wise.  You know you are going to overeat on Thanksgiving.  Doesn’t burning off a few extra calories on Black Friday sound nice?  Eh?  Oh yeaaaaaaa!

1- EAT.  Seems counterintuitive, right?  But you may be forgetting that FOOD is FUEL!  If your tank is empty on Friday morning you are not going to last in line at Macy’s.  This doesn’t have to complicated.  Grab a protein bar and eat it in transport to the stores with tents out front, full of all the suckers who’ve slept over to grab a flat screen TV at 1am.  They have been snacking on disgusting chips and beef jerky all night, you have the upper hand nutritionally!  Bring trail mix to eat as snacks later on too, don’t fade away at 2pm.

2 – RELOAD.  If you are going to a mall or shopping center don’t be a dope and trollop around with multiple bags all day.  Keep your daily step count high and make trips to the car with your finds throughout the day.  Sure, this may piss off some people looking for parking spots ‘Oh no, I’m not leaving…move along Granny!’, your arms will thank you later.

3 – PREPARE.  Dress for comfort.  I am always shocked and, honestly, a little jealous when I see a fabulous woman in 5 inch heels shopping just for fun.  How does she DO IT?!  Saunter around all day in those devilish stilettos.  I hurt just looking at her and assume she is stripper on her lunch break.  You are likely going to be moving around a lot, this is a marathon not a sprint!  What to wear:
-Athletic shoes or an option with support.  If you absolutely need a heel do a wedge!
-Wear layers, dress for outside and in.  Some stores are freezing cold.
-Wear a cross body purse so both hands/arms are free for merchandise.
-Have all of your coupons in a single envelope or pocket so you’re not scrambling when your time has come at the all holy register!

4-KEEP GOING.  Don’t let shopping leave your sluggish.  Before you enter each store come up with a ritual, a handful of squats, maybe a jumping jack or two.  Get your body right, you know your mind is!  Maybe even play a fun game with your shopping pals, oooooh that could be good.  How about:
-Every time you see a cute plaid scarf do 5 calf raises.
-Spot some Star Wars memorabilia?  It’s time for 10 standing crunches!
-When you see an ironically ‘ugly Christmas sweater’ (can this trend die please?!) drop and gimme 10!  (push ups!)

5-HAVE FUN.  Remember to smile, especially at the retail workers.  They have a long day ahead of them! Plus, smiling burns calories!  🙂  It’s just shopping.  You are buying gifts to hopefully brings others joy.  If you’re not having fun searching for presents maybe you’re more of a Cyber Monday type of shopper.  It’s okay, Black Friday isn’t for everyone.  Throw in the towel if it ain’t your style.  Santa still loves quitters.

Happy shopping giddy friends!  Don’t throw a ‘bow unless it’s absolutely necessary.  And if you do make sure to engage your core first!


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