‘Be Your Best Introvert’ Workshop Recap

The ‘Be Your Best Introvert’ Workshop is a wrap! After fearing that no one would show up (I had just one registration with a week to go) FOURTEEN fabulous introverts came together to say ‘yes’ to living in giddy possibility. I was so close to canceling the event and head out of town (Costa Rica was calling) but I didn’t let the fear of failure and temptation to flee take over. Following through and taking charge was what gave me the pleasure of helping out a room full of fellow introverts!

be your best introvert

The biggest part of personal development is learning about yourself, knowing yourself. When you own who you really are you can share that authenticity with others. Introverts tend to hide and fear speaking up, this is why we have to make ourselves known and realize we are enough. Right here, right now.

be your best introvert

The ‘Anti Ice Breaker’ activity that kicked off the evening showed that many in attendance had the same strengths and fears. Instead of being forced to mingle right off the bat everyone wrote down their favorite and least favorite aspects of being an introvert.

be your best introvert

I shared everyone’s answers and I could see everyone nodding and bringing up similar view points. It was a great way to get to know everyone on a deep level! Some favorite introvert features? ‘Being OK with doing things alone’ and ‘Spending lots of time with my cat’! Some not so favorite aspects? ‘People think I’m rude when I’m really just shy’ and ‘Struggling to make friends because it’s hard to talk to people’.

I shared everyone's answers and I could see everyone nodding and bringing up similar view points. It was a great way to get to know everyone on a deep level!

Other activities included journaling about our ‘Onlyness Inventory’, ‘Introvert Superpowers’, and we went over how to really connect with people socially and gave it a try with our small group! Is there any better way than getting to know someone than figuring out what photo booth prop is right for you?

Now I wouldn’t be much of a life coach if I didn’t leave these fantastic young women wanting more in their life with their self care, relationships and career. We ended the evening with a guided meditation and an inspiring goal setting worksheet. We got to know ourselves better, dreamt about what would could be (and will be) and looked to the future about what we can do to step forward to be be our best introverts!

introvert workshop

I’m so thankful to have had a full room of women ready to learn and share. This is just the beginning for Guaranteed Giddy personal development events! Next up on the calendar is a Complimentary Nutrition Seminar on August 30th.

Special thanks to Maggie of Bramble & Bee and Lindsey with Lindsey Portugal Studios for the fabulous locale and beautiful photography! Without these wonderful women the workshop would not have happened.

And, of course, gratitude goes out to all of the ladies who stepped out of their comfort zones to attend the workshop. It can be so scary to walk into a room alone and not know what to expect. BRAVA to you all! You did it and you are better for it. Keep riding high giddy gals!

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