A Month Without TV

What happened when I didn’t watch television for a whole thirty days? Honestly, a lot. I feel like gal pal and fellow blogger, Tawny of Sobrietea, should have her own weekly time slot here on GG since I mention her so much! After all, she is pretty cool. My raw writing friend hosts monthly sobriety challenges within a private Facebook group. Back in June I gave up alcohol and this month I let go of something that truly wasn’t serving me…binge watching television shows. Letting go of my favorite series was far more challenging than not drinking. On average I have one drink a week, if that. However, I’d watch about ten hours (or more!) of TV every week. Before you get too judgy I almost always do other things while watching my shows. Women are fabulous multi-taskers!


See, I’m multi tasking in this very photo: being giddy, working on my tan AND pretending to be flexible.

I work part time and would often get home at noon and turn on a TV show while I made lunch. Not meaning to really watch it, but for background noise. I generally think that a quiet house is a lonely house. But that’s a whole other blogpost. My shows of choice started to suck me in like that powerful, glowing force of evil in Poltergeist. All of sudden it would be hours later and I hadn’t cleaned the house, worked on class plans or written a blog like I had planned. TV, the ultimate time suck!

Choosing to give up those television watching hours led to do some new discoveries, of which I’d love to share with you!

Books are the original TV!
I usually try to read a book or two a month. However with more time this month I took on a couple more including Shrill by Lindy West, Rhinestone Jesus by Kristen Welch and Diva Girl Madlibs by, well, Madlibs. Hey, I said ‘book’ not novel! I also just bought Love Warrior by Oprah’s new ‘it’ girl Glennon Doyle Melton.

-Hi, friends.
Even though I’m a classic loner I currently have wonderful gal pals in my life. Friends I can meet for yoga, talk blogging or have tea with. My social calendar was bursting at the seams this month, I just kept saying ‘yes’! Which led me to a trip to New York, flower shop hangs, dinner after events, and even a Beyonce concert. It feels SO good! Mr. Giddy and I even hosted a big game night, we look forward to repeat of that night soon.

Cut the fat.
I took some time for fall cleaning, which I normally would have done with Fixer Upper playing in the background, but I forged on with a Cardigans album instead. I studied Spark Joy earlier this year and did a HUGE purge already but I seemed to have forgotten a few things…about fifty pieces of clothing out of my closet. Clothes I literally never wear. Now someone in need is enjoying them!

-I have a blog (!).
Yeah, and you’re reading it right now! I am famous for noting blog ideas, but then not actually writing the blog. DO NOT check the notes section on my cell…it is chock full of Grade A blogpost brainstorms. More of which actually materialized this month because of the TV break.

Yoga, yoga and more yoga.
At the beginning of the month I told myself I should go to yoga when I felt like watching TV. So I did, and my hip flexors are SO thankful! I brought a fun group of ladies to a dance and drum circle at Wild Spirit Yoga, participated in ‘Vino and Vinyasa’ at Yoga Pod and met a new blogging friend for a flow class. Yoga truly does bring people together and I’m seriously considering doing a teacher training in 2017. Fingers crossed!

-Song and dance (wo)man!
In August I added singing into my wellness routine, it has been so rewarding! Mainly to my own ears, but I will sometimes sing for Mr. Giddy when we’re in the car. On a related note we have two family weddings coming up so we’re trying to learn how to dance. We have some private lessons set up in October but in the meantime we’ve salsa danced with a friend who actually knows to dance! Practice makes perfect, right? Or in our case practice makes it seem like we can fairly hear the beat of the music.

-Charity, anyone?
I had the opportunity to give back this month and I can’t wait to help with more events in the future! I was giddy to attend fundraising events for a hometown charity House of Mary as well as Women, Wine and Shoes with i Go Pink here in The Woodlands. I even got to help assemble items for the Mercy House subscription boxes in Magnolia with a terrific group of bloggers.

TV is great! I miss it. 
I don’t watch garbage TV (sure, some but not all). I watch series for the character development (Nate in Six Feet Under), cinematography (Mr. Robot), and to laugh so hard I cry (Don’t Trust The B in Apartment 23). I’ve dreamed of writing a few spec scripts for my favorite shows and then remember I have no idea how to write something like that. BUT I COULD TRY. #wink

Why do you watch television? What is your ‘go to’ show?!


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