‘A Christmas Story’ Workout

My lil’ sis, who is better known as ‘Zumba Tori’ stopped by our parents’ house as soon as I drove into town to help me out with an extra special workout video.  All of the moves showcased correspond with phrases or events in the holiday classic, ‘A Christmas Story’ movie.


We watched this movie incessantly as young kids on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  We know it forwards and backwards and the quotes flow freely during the holiday season with all of my siblings and even now with their respected significant others.  It is most definitely a piece of nostalgia for all of the McLendons.

Tori is showing a modified version on some of the exercises, get in a full body workout and plus extra core work when you LOL during the movie viewing!

Guaranteed Giddy is all about finding and holding onto happiness.  The holiday season is a powerful time and can offer heightened presentations of love and sorrow.  Find your giddy this Christmas, whether that is with family or friends or both.

Even though 2015 is almost over, don’t wait until the new year to make positive changes in your every day life.  One simple way to look on the bright side more often is by…..visiting this very happiness website, of course!  I promise to keep you smiling and thinking and all around loving life.

IMG_3747A couple of still shots from our filming today!


Mr. Giddy himself and yours truly on our ‘Christmas Date Night’ yesterday evening.  Merry Christmas, darlings!

One thought on “‘A Christmas Story’ Workout

  1. Finally watched the video. Never seen the movie (I know…) but I learned some new moves. Merry Christmas again to mr. & mrs. Giddy!

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