7 Things To Do On Black Friday (other than shop)!

As a former shopaholic I stay far, far away from all things Black Friday. No way am I getting roped into unneeded material wares simply for sport! If you’re looking for an alternative to fighting the crowds today I’ve got you covered. Your wallet and sanity will thank you.

7 Things To Do On Black Friday (other than shop)!

Meal prep with the holiday leftovers.
You have a ton of leftovers right? Instead of the boring old turkey sandwich get creative with chili, soups and omelettes. Need some recipe inspo? Check out my latest seasonal E Book ‘Fall Eat Clean Guide’ – it’s packed with recipes!

Decorate for Christmas (if you haven’t already)!
You now have permission from society to decorate. Not that you need it though. I personally decorated on November 1st – due to an upcoming project but go for it already! Put on your favorite holiday tunes – I suggest She & Him or Pentatonix Christmas albums and sip some cocoa while you unpack and redecorate.

Prep a holiday season journal.
This is the busiest time of the year. We can all afford to slow down a little, even if it’s just a a few minutes a day. Keeping a holiday journal will help you savor the important moments with family and friends.

Start your holiday card list.
Whether you’re sending traditional tangible cards or an e-card this holiday won’t it feel good to get your recipient list in order? I love sending cards any time of year and enjoy receiving them even more. Send joy in the form of a card this year.

Christmas Snail Mail Surprise

Workout – ya know you need it!
Yea…you could see this one coming. The average Thanksgiving dinner racks up to about 2,500 calories in a single setting. Oh yes – almost an entire pound in calorie speak (3,500 calories equates to one pound)! We can all agree some movement is in order!  Whether you go for a jog, practice yoga or hit the weights make it happen. You can always buy the ‘Fall Fitness Fix’ E Book for a whole new at home fitness inspiration with pre designed workouts and how-to photos!

Write thank you letters.
Tis’ the gratitude season. These ‘thank you’s’ can be specific or serving everyday gratitude. Who doesn’t love to be thanked? Go for it!

Search for a timely philanthropic opportunity.
Giving back during the holidays is THE BEST. And a great way to share the art of giving wit family and friends that supports those in need. Here are a few philanthropic endeavors that I enjoy supporting year round:

House of Mary

Mercy House Global

And during the holidays:

Angel Tree

Toys for Tots

Okay, I know the title of this post was all about NOT shopping on Black Friday! But if you have an inkling to purchase something that will no doubt improve your life the first ever Guaranteed Giddy E Books are on sale through Monday!

I hope you had a giddy holiday!


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