30 Day Hug Challenge

I’m not a hugger! Not even for trees! Why? There is no real reason. Other than the thought of whole heartedly embracing people I know, acquaintances and anyone that falls in between those two points on the ‘Hug Danger’ spectrum is absolutely stress inducing.

How long do I hold the hug? A second, five seconds? Do our hips meet or do I keep my booty in the outfield? Do I kiss them on the cheek? If I screw that form of greeting up…awkward! Is a side hug disrespectful? What if I shook their hand the last time we met? A hug is definitely a graduated greeting, one that I’d rather not achieve!

As you can see, there are a lot of problems with hugging. As far back as I can remember I’ve never been a fan. I can recall wriggling out of the hugging arms of grandparents and other relatives because their closeness just felt icky! If I like you I’ll write you a letter. #dealwithit

My closer friends and even my family recognizes my disdain for the casual greeting, and I’m made fun of for it. Ugh! But I guess I deserve it, and in honor of that some people choose to greet me with overly cheesy and aggressive hugs, even worse! But should I keep fighting it or just give in?  Is hugging GREAT and I’ve just been missing out all of these years?!

I mean, I hug my husband…and my cat. But I don’t really care to embrace anyone else. This reads as classic closed off, introvert behavior. Which is okay, but I’ve read up on the subject, finding that hugs are supposed to nourish us, can help with healing, stress management, control anxiety and support feelings of contentment. Those sound like things I want! But I have to hug to feel that?????? Fine. I’ll try it.


I’ve decided to challenge myself to openly hug people for thirty days. As a greeting. As a form of connection. Welcoming human contact into my life, now THIS is change! I’m starting on April 1st, do you want to join me?  Leave a comment below, are there any other prickly pears out there in the giddy universe?



14 thoughts on “30 Day Hug Challenge

  1. You can hug me any time girl!!! But this post made me laugh! As a “pastor’s wife” we are responsible for doing the awkward side hug with the youth because full on frontal is just not acceptable (for these reasons you listed and many more! ha!) I think you’ll appreciate this vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKI63tWSFyg – Happy Thursday!!!

  2. This post is great! It made me laugh. I had no idea you didn’t like hugs and I totally hugged you on my way out, from book club, last night; my apologies 😁. It was a good hug, by the way. Not awkward at all. Lol. Can’t wait for another Alli hug 🤗!

  3. This made me giggle!! I am a huge believer in hugs and I think I may have most likely given you one when I met you!! I’ll check back in with you at 28 days lol!! Xo, Roselyn

  4. Oh..I can totally relate! We can do the awkward hug together if you want. When I moved to Texas, it seemed like everyone was hugging me all the time (even people I barely knew or just met). I think many got that I just wasn’t all that comfortable with it and they stopped trying (because of my awkward side hug thing that ALWAYS happened). I’m getting better (and especially with people I feel close too….not just my boyfriend) and I discovered that I LOVE a good hug from a friend. I’m still awkward with it much of the time, but getting better. If you need a practice hugging partner though, we can get through it together…awkwardness and all! Haha!

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