3 Easy Steps to Being a Giddy Gifter

Are you one of ‘those people’ who dread holidays because you just can’t figure out what to give to friends and family as presents?  Fear no more, GG is your saving grace.  As a fervent and fabulous gifter I am unlocking my secrets to giving great gifts!

I was putting together a thank you gift for a friend this afternoon and wanted to share my fool proof tips for giving with ease and style.  I hope the following steps lead you to a fantastic gift giving future.


  1. Know your giftee!  Most of the time this should be pretty easy, but if you are ever in a situation where you giving a gift to a mild stranger (or need a hint on what to buy a bud) stalk their social media!  Are they a traveler?  An artist?  A book worm?  Don’t be afraid to snoop and you will be sure to find some clues as to what they desire.
  2. Amp it up!  Once you know what the giftee is interested in, seek out where to buy an item of their liking.  Visit a store they would not typically go to, or perhaps find a local artisan who could customize something special.  The point is to take it up a notch and choose something that is a little bit better than what they would buy themselves.  This doesn’t necessarily translate into dollars spent, but perhaps authenticity or unique-ability.
  3. Presentation is everything!  So you’ve chosen the item, now it’s time to complete the gesture by making the wrapping and greeting knock their socks off!  Presentation sets apart any ol’ regular gift from an extraordinary offering.  And you want to be an extraordinary gifter, right?  Make it fun by using decorative stamps on the card, and always hand write a sentiment, don’t settle for hallmark-isms!  Find the right size box or bag and adorn it with stand out wrapping and/or tissue and bows and ribbon and/or anything shiny.  The appearance of the gift is most definitely an extension of the present itself.

BOOM!  Now you have to tools to be a genuine giddy gifter!  Put your skills to use and enjoy!

*Gift Example in Photograph Details-I know my friend, whom of which I am thanking loves tea.  I also know she would never buy herself a marvelous tea cup and saucer from Anthropologie—but I will so that is why she is so lucky to be my pal!  Plus I bought some fabulously fruity tea for her to try out.  And you absolutely cannot go wrong with glitter, stripes, and polka dots even if the palette is neutral.  Voila!

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