1 Goal/10 Weeks Program

Have you been trying to accomplish the same goal for months or even years and just can’t seem to get it done? Working with a life coach allows you to graduate from WISHING to ACHIEVING when it comes to that big goal. How will it feel to finally conquer your life changing goal with guidance, accountability and motivation from a pro source? Amazing!

Alli Knoth is a certified Confidence & Life Coach who loves guiding individuals to foster positive life change. She breaks down the aspects of a full blown life coaching series into a neat, single goal oriented program designed to help individuals take smaller action steps to crush a larger goal.

1 Goal/10 Weeks Program participants will receive:

  • Professional guidance with setting your initial goal
  • Accountability to make sure you stay on track with the goal
  • Motivation to follow through to goal completion and celebration

To make sure you set the right goal and successfully achieve that goal Alli will:

  • Send you an inspiring questionnaire to complete so she can understand exactly what you desire to achieve.
  • Schedule a first time, 30 minute video coaching call to dissect your questionnaire and co design your life changing goal.
  • Work with you to assign actions (baby steps) throughout the 10 weeks to help you strive toward the bigger goal.
  • Follow up with you weekly via e-mail to keep you on track.
  • Schedule additional 20-30 minute video coaching calls at weeks 3, 5, 8 and 10 to continue check ins, update actions and offer bonus motivation.
  • Celebrate your success at the end of the program-whoo!

Alli enjoys working with clients of the ambiverted and introverted kind who turn to goal setting to overcome life blocks, build confidence and act on a desire to know themselves better. She has seen the power of working with a professional guide versus going it alone. What a difference it makes to have an unbiased coach at your beckon call to encourage you, ask the tough questions and bring you back to the real world when needed!

Even if you’re not sure what your big goal is right now Alli specializes in drawing out her clients’ true aspirations. She’s not there to boss you around but rather to listen to what you really want. Through specialized coaching skills and curious listening tactics she hears the unsaid and is able to help you pinpoint common denominators when it comes to those feelings of being stuck, low self esteem, and ‘not enough-ness’.

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The 1 Goal/10 Weeks Program IS for:

  • High motivation/low skill individuals who crave positive change in their life.
  • Individuals who have time for personal development work and (5) 20-30 minute video coaching calls over a 10 week period.
  • Individuals who are not afraid to be vulnerable and try new things to achieve their goal.

The 1 Goal/10 Weeks Program is NOT for:

  • Individuals who are too busy for personal development.
  • People who are not willing to try different things to achieve a different result.
  • Individuals who do not welcome outside opinions or constructive criticism.

The 1 Goal/10 Weeks program is open to any and all English speaking men and women in any country! Video coaching calls are 20-30 minutes in length and are administered via Skype or Facetime.


Having Alli’s support as a coach gave me the clarity and confidence to step forward in my life. She helped me in starting my new business, creating beautiful relationships and seeing myself from a place of love. It was in her powerful intuition that I was able to feel understood and supported to let down my walls and allow transformation to take place. Alli helped me to see myself in a positive light and trust myself to go after my big goals and I truly believe there are so many women out there that could deeply benefit from the embrace of Alli as their coach.
Candice B of Los Angeles, California

Alli has the best personality to pull someone from the depths of feeling not ‘enough’. She didn’t let me dwell in what made me feel heavy and together we devised three perfect action items for our time together. She is a true light that genuinely cares about your well-being.
Ashley T. of Houston, Texas

Program Details

When: Whenever you want! We can work with our schedules to find the perfect time for our video coaching calls. You will complete the action steps on your own time between calls.

Where: Video calls can be taken from the comfort of your own home or favorite coffee shop.

Limited Time Offer

This specialty program is only available for booking now through February 25, 2018.

Two Payment Options:

Lump Sum: $199 paid in full at Week 1


Payment Plan: $239 paid in two, equal split payments of $119.50 at Week 1 and Week 6.

No refunds.

Additional Options:

Do you have more than one goal to work on or need more one-on-one time with Alli? You may consider a full Confidence & Life Coaching Series.

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