30th Birthday Bucket List

The countdown is on, less than one month to go before I kick my twenties to the curb. I’m pretty excited about this birthday. I mean, what do I have to lose? My youth…flawless skin (let’s face it that never happened)…that wild sense of abandonment you feel after completing a final exam? All of those were great, but they are sooooooo last decade, my twenties, that is.

As an old soul I’m fully embracing my upcoming birthday, but I also want to keep it fresh and stay in touch with the younger generation. So I came up with a ‘to do’ list full of young at heart as well as grounding activities to complete before August 19th.

  • Get my mindfulness practice together – I’ve been dancing around it for weeks, I need just to do it already!
  • Play Pokemon Go – gotta stay in touch with the millennial crowd.
  • Karaoke – one of my favorite past times that I haven’t done in foreverrrr.
  • Rock a bare midriff look – people are always putting expiration dates on fashion trends, but really, who cares?!
  • Color in a coloring book – it’s just so hot right now.
  • Join the church I’ve been visiting – this is so grown up I can barely stand it!
  • Bond with my Mom and sisters – I’m forcing them to celebrate my birthday with me, I bought us concert tickets!
  • Master my handstand – my goal is to do a full on handstand on the beach in Cabo for my birthday trip!
  • Buy a lottery ticket – simply because I never have before…will I get lucky?!
  • Get outdoors daily – I get stuck indoors for work, other than when I teach water aerobics, so I need to make time to get outside on my own.
  • Celebrate and really mean it – I’m only turning 30 once, I’m going to make it count!
  • Be okay, with everything – Embrace my imperfections, I’m only human…a fabulous human!

View More: http://diamondoakphotography.pass.us/alliknoth-guaranteedgiddy

View More: http://diamondoakphotography.pass.us/alliknoth-guaranteedgiddy

Do you have a bucket list?




I Scared My Soul! #scareyoursoul

I scared my own soul last weekend. What exactly am I talking about? Click here.

Tawny Lara, a fellow blogger (check out Sobrietea!) and soul bearer hooked me up with this funky fresh courage challenge. It was a joy to participate in!

I got pumped up for #scareyoursoul by completing a slightly silly but fun challenge while on a tubing trip in West Texas last week. I wanted to do a headstand at 1,800 hundred feet. All I can say is goal crushed!


I like change, but I’m also afraid of a lot of things. An interesting combo, I assure you. It wasn’t hard to think of three things I’d like to conquer for the three day challenge, but it was tough to decide which three fears to select because I would be traveling to Michigan for my gal pal Christine’s wedding.

My Scare Your Soul Challenges:

1- Be present in scary social situations (AKA a rehearsal dinner where I will only know a handful of people), do not use my phone as a crutch. Make eye contact and ask open ended questions to get to know people.

I really went for this one and talked to ‘new to me’ people during the ceremony rehearsal and a few more folks at the rehearsal dinner. The rehearsal dinner was packed and super loud but I tried my best to chat a few people up. To make up for the loudness I decided to make an unplanned toast and put myself out there in front of a group of 50+ mostly strangers! I got some crowd participation going and even made people laugh, I’m totally smiling thinking about it now! I guess I was just inspired by love! #awwww

 I fill up with this nervous energy when I’m faced with talking to new people, even though I know from experience that it can be rewarding. I had to remind myself that because I stepped outside of my comfort zone I ended meeting my friend, the bride, Christine. I blindly suggested we play tennis via e-mail five years ago and last weekend I was her bridesmaid! That’s pretty amazing. I wonder when I will stop fearing this so much, I’ve had many great experiences with sticking my hand out there and simply introducing myself. I guess I’ll just keep trying, practice makes perfect…errr tolerable?!   

2- Live on the dance floor at my gal pal Christine’s wedding EVEN if my feet are killing me! Inspire others to ‘get down on it’!

OH YEA. I was out there, barefoot the entire time, mostly jumping up and down in a ‘mosh’ style dance groove as the live band played. I wondered why I hadn’t done this at every single wedding I’d been to. I usually dance a little but not nearly this much. My feet were totally D-O-N-E but I kept sashaying my fears away. When you wake up at 6am on vacation to primp and swoon over your friend you get tired, but I didn’t care. I was so high from pretending how to dance I didn’t realize I’d been going strong all day. Plus the DJ played my favorite tune, Canned Heat by Jamiroquai , which will make any dope race to the dance floor. #couragecrusher 

3- Strike up a conversation with a stranger on an airplane, maybe even promote Guaranteed Giddy!

Okay, so I totally failed on this one. Maybe I was tired from all the dancing or perhaps my soul had been scared enough already. Plus, I sat next to Mr. Giddy on the plane after all so I didn’t actually have a stranger to talk to…I know it’s a total cop out! I did strike up a subtle convo with a solo diner patron earlier in the day, it was nothing major but I did do it. Half courageous?! 

Something else happened to me over the Scare Your Soul weekend. Something REALLY scary. I realized what I need to do with myself, with my life. I just got this feeling…a little voice spoke to me and said ‘Remember those terribly awful adolescent years? Yep, those. You need to help girls survive them’. I think I’m supposed to help people in the most defining points in their life. Specifically young women, and even more specifically ladies who are going through what I considered to be the most painful and depressing era of life. Ugh…this truly frightens me to think, to admit, to WRITE DOWN here in this very moment.

Young people are intimidating, they know so much about technology and do things I didn’t do, like grow up too fast. I grew up slowly…I was pretty much swimming in molasses until I was almost through with college. I don’t regret it, but it makes me feel distant from  let’s say a beautiful, popular young woman who knows where she wants to go to school and is practically already a member of thi beta whatever. But just like the wall flower girls who were like me need guidance, the girls who would have spit on me in high school also need direction.


What it looks like to scare your soul!

Did you scare you soul? If not would you like to? Tell me one fear you wish you could conquer.